Regardless of what your preferred music genre is, I dare you go to a Boys Boys Boys! performance and tell me you didn’t have fun. I wouldn’t believe you if you said so.

Boys Boys Boys! are Australia’s ultimate party band. Their pop-riff powered all girl harmonies and slick, contagious dance moves are renowned for creating some of the most uproarious and ridiculously fun shows ever seen in their hometown of Perth and beyond.

With two albums under their belt – 2009’s synth-driven-pop marvel Yes and 2014’s party starter We Are Excited About Everything – Boys Boys Boys! have gained international attention with their tracks bringing the party to hit television shows including Suburgatory, 90210 and Rich Kids of Beverley Hills.

Most recently, forthcoming single ‘We Like to Move’ was heard nationally, driving the Betts campaign and basically forcing the nation to buy shoes so that they had something appropriate to wear while tapping their feet.

The contagiously energetic Boys Boys Boys! guarantee there’s never a dull moment while they are rocking out onstage.

Boys Boys Boys! Party party party!

Band Members

Jerico Rose Wallace from Australia's ultimate party band, Boys Boys Boys!

Name: Jerico Rose Wallace
Nickname: “Koko”
Skills: Singing, Rapping, Keyboarding, Partying

Jade Foo is an all singing all dancing part of the band Boys Boys Boys!

Name: Jade Foo
Nickname: Jadefoo”
Skills: Singing, Keyboarding, Bassing, Guitaring


Name: Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd
Nickname: “Alwyn”
Skills: Sythesisering, Bassing

Bridget Turner from Boys Boys Boys!

Name: Bridget Turner
Nickname: “BTown”
Skills: Singing, Man Rapping, Guitaring, Keyboarding

Addison Axe plays a mean guitar for Boys Boys Boys!

Name: Addison Axe
Nickname: “Axe
Skills: Shredding, Guitaring, Singing

Mike Murphy from Boys Boys Boys!

Name: Mike Murphy
Nickname: “Mike”
Skills: Drummingering



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Tour Supports

Vengaboys (Netherlands) 2013

Chicks on Speed (USA) 2013

Aqua (Denmark) 2012

Regurgitator (Aus) 2011

Uffie (USA/France) 2010

Bluejuice (Aus) 2010

Van She (2009)

Grafton Primary (Aus) 2009

Matt & Kim (USA) 2008

Headlining Tours

Valentine Tour (February 2015_

Holiday National Tour (2013)

South West Tour (2013)

Yes National Tour (2009)

Synchs and Television

‘We Like to Move’ – Betts TV commercial campaign, 2014/15

‘We Like to Move’ – Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (E!), 2014

‘Ticky-Ticky Boom’  – Suburgatory (MTV), 2012

‘Ticky Boom’– Garnier TV commercial campaign, 2012

‘Casio Joy’– Grace and Scarper online campaign, 2012

Seeya Later Lovie’, ‘Ticky-Ticky Boom’ and ‘Casio Joy’ – Awkward (MTV), 2011

‘Casio Joy’ – Cotton On website advertisement, 2011

‘Seeya Later Lovie’ – Dotti website advertisement, 2010

‘Ticky-Ticky Boom’ – Vodafone TV commercial campaign, 2010

‘Seeya Later Lovie’ – WAMi Festival TV commercial, 2009

‘Seeya Later Lovie’ – 90210 (CBS Paramount), 2008


Production Rider

Are you a sound guy or some sort of person who does things and stuff and needs to know what’s what and where? Click on this link to download a PDF of the Boys Boys Boys! Production Rider.

In terms of an artist rider, the band likes all the food, rum, coconuts and  a vegan-gluten free option (not just a can of baked beans). If there is a choice to be made between food and booze, the band will take food nine times out of ten. Actually, just contact our manager and he’ll give you the low-down. We’re not generally that picky or grumpy but sometimes we do like to hide away back stage before and after a show for a bit while we recuperate from extreme partying but understand at festivals and some venues things can be pretty different from show to show.



Gawain Davies
M: +61 402 594 220
Skype: gawaindavies01


Luke Rinaldi
M: +61 417 967 136


Grant Gillies
P: +61 3 9674 4033