“If there was a prize for most fun had by band and
crowd, they would have the honour stitched up”
– Nick Sas, Drum Media

“Boys Boys Boys! are so damn good… they are just so positive and enthusiastic
about what they do and about life in general, that it is impossible not to get
caught up in the moment.”

– Ben Watson, X-Press

“Boys Boys Boys! leap on stage as if they all wear capes. The audience is uproarious before
they even play a note. And when they do people jump up and down like kids under a disco ball.
Everyone smiles.”

S.J. Finch, Drum Media

Perth synth pop rockers Boys Boys Boys! deliver a contagiously energetic show that will, whether you want to or not, get your toes tapping and your buns shaking. You pretty much don’t have a choice. With their combination of catchy pop riffs, sugary all-girl vocal harmonies and slick dance moves they rise beyond talented musicians to truly gifted performers that own the stage.

And now they are very very pleased to be throwing their latest tracks at your ears in the form of their sophomore album, We Are Excited About Everything.
Boys have been lucky enough to record their latest release with producing legend, Magoo who in the past has spread his magic on some little albums like Custard’s Lovearama and Regurgitator’s Unit and Tu-Plang to name but a few.
The result of this collaboration is a raucous collection of good-times-inspired songs about friends, adventure, the 90s and love. We Are Excited About Everything represents everything that is gone from your life that you didn’t even know was missing.

Maintaining a strong presence in the Perth live music circuit, the Boys have provided
killer supports for touring acts including Aqua (Denmark), Vengaboys (Netherlands), Uffie (France), Matt & Kim(USA) and Aussie legends Regurgitator, Bluejuice, Van She and Grafton Primary to name a few. They’ve also taken to festival stages including St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Southbound, Big Day Out, Good Vibrations, Parklife, Summadayze and more.

With a live show where the audience is encouraged to dance on stage with them, run towards each other to create a wall of high fives or be shot at with glitter cannons, Boys Boys Boys! guarantee there will never be a dull moment while they are rocking the stage.